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Chicago (LIVE in Belgrade 2010)

Acoustic Guitar


Mystic Place ( 2011)

Electric Guitar


East-West (new version 2011)

Electric Guitar

Balkan Fireball - Balkanski vatromet

Electric Guitar


 Zoran Starcevic - one of the best and most productive Balkan guitar players, composer, arranger, producer and the member of: Trio Balkan Strings, was born in 1958 and lives in Belgrade, Serbia. He writes and performs various kinds of music: Balkan-Fusion-Guitar-Ethnic-World music, Balkan Guitar Rock, guitar acoustic/electric instrumental music and songs based on the traditional ethnic music from Serbia and from all over the Balkans. The music, written and performed by Zoran Starcevic, is a fusion of the traditional, eastern, Ethnic music and the elements of western, Rock music, improvisation and modern music. His sons, Nikola and Zeljko, and he are the members of the guitar ensemble Trio Balkan Strings - they performs its original instrumental music, a fusion of many Balkan elements: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…including Jazz improvisations, Swing and classical elements...


 As a member of the acoustic guitar ensemble Trio Balkan Strings, a family project where his sons and he compose and perform the original Balkan instrumental music. They have performed in many Festivals (Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music) and concerts in: USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. They did master classes-clinics and concerts for classical and Jazz guitar students in Europe and in the USA.


  Zoran has written and recorded about 600 songs, many of which being hits performed by the most famous singers from Serbia, and a hundred instrumentals on 10 solo albums and 2 CD's with Trio Balkan Strings. (He also wrote a book)  

CD1 Trio Balkan Strings - Balkan Guitars - published by Sunset France PlayaSound/PGP RTS and Starcevic Production mp3
CD2 Trio Balkan Strings - Water-mill - published by PGP RTS and Starcevic Production  mp3
CD3 Trio Balkan Strings - Balkan Carpet - published by Starcevic Production mp3
CD4 Trio Balkan Strings - LIVE - published by Starcevic Production mp3
DVD Live in Belgrade - published by Starcevic Production
CD Serbia - Zoran Starcevic - published by Starcevic Production  mp3
CD Balkan Gypsy Swing - Zoran Starcevic - published by Starcevic Production  mp3


Zoran Starcevic on

Trio Balkan Strings on

 FIRST PRIZE WINNER in the World category of the 2005 USA Songwriting Competition with composition Water-mill written by Nikola Starcevic and performed by Trio Balkan Strings

 FIRST PRIZE WINNER -Trio Balkan Strings won first prize and the Dolphin statue for being the best instrumental ensemble on the Music World 2004 Italy Festival Internacionale Fivizzano.

Zoran Starcevic-guitar

Nikola Starcevic-guitar

Zeljko Starcevic-guitar 

more about Zoran

more about Nikola

more about Zeljko

Trio Balkan Strings - a fusion of many Balkan elements: Serbian, Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, Oriental…including some Jazz improvisations and classical guitar elements. more info...


Sunset France

Belgrade - Serbia

Guitar strings:


   Trio Balkan Strings (Nikola, Zeljko and Zoran Starcevic) uses La Bella strings. Thanks to Bob Archigian, we are very happy to announce our relationship with famous La Bella, maker of great guitar strings.


Zoran Starcevic is playing

Acoustic guitar

 Ovation Anniversary 1657

 Electric guitars

Fender Strat


Seller Guitar, Signature model, hand made specially for him by Slobodan Radivojevic

Midi guitar Casio Midi Guitar PG-380  
Short mp3

Seven Grains

Old Rail-road Moldavian Gate Peafowl's Dance Orion Oasis Biskra Water-mill Afyon Rosette




Seven Grains Afyon Stampedo Swing Time Hava Nagila


BALKAN GYPSY SWING - Zoran Starcevic

Balkan Music, Kola

Fireball 1’07’’ Serbia - Zoran Starcevic

Jazz Guitar more about CD  ORDER CD

World Music-Balkan Fusion  mp3/real audio

East-West 45’’

Serbian Traditional Music

Dedicated to Anniversary 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt

video clip Seven Grains 3'35''

video clip Water-mill 3'38''

more about CD


"Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. Really good"   

John McLaughlin

with John McLaughlin 2008


Balkan-Ethnic Guitar-Eastern Rock instrumental

11 Pearls,Cocek,Vlaski Presto,East-West,Fireball 4'49’’

Guitar Rock instrumental  Mystery 47’’

World Fusion - Balkan Swing

Traditional Serbian music

Balkan Fusion


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